Made from 100% Goldrush apples from Winchester,
VA and fermented with Sauvignon Blanc yeast in
stainless steel. Cidre Blanc is 6.9% abv with bright
acidity that fades into juicy peach and apricot notes
with hints of lemon that are balanced by subtle tannins.


Sidra Natural is produced to resemble the old-world,
rustic ciders of Spain’s Basque Country, and Asturias.
This cider is a blend of juice from Spanish Basque apples
and local heirloom varieties from Pennsylvania and
Virginia.  The only cider fermented in the original Florida
Ave. ANXO Cidery & Pintxos Bar is dry, tart, and funky.
Pour it from height and enjoy!




Apples from happy little trees are sourced for
their uncommon character and pressed into juice
before being racked into our massive oak casks
without pasteurization or the addition of
commercial yeasts or nutrients. Yeast living on
the skins of the apples spontaneously ferments
the juice into a happy accident that we bring into
this world one batch at a time. Visit anxodc.com
to discover which happy trees are in this batch!


Thanks to our good West-Coast friends at Snowdrift Cider Company we are able to create an annual special cider made entirely from red-fleshed apple varieties.  Each year 1000 gallons of un-fermented red-fleshed apple juice will make its way across the country and into our tanks on Kennedy St.  These red-fleshed apples produce a gorgeous red-hued cider with an incredible acidity without any volatility.  Delightfully puckering notes of green strawberry, gooseberry, and watermelon rind give way to a balancing level of tannin.






The second batch of our collaboration with our friends at Snowdrift Cider Co., Transcontinental is a blend of WA bittersweets and Mid- Atlantic acid-forward apples.  The  end result is a perfectly balanced cider begging to be crushed out of the can!


ANXO Rosé is a blend our our flagship cider, Cidre Blanc with rare red-fleshed apple juice from our friends at Snowdrift.  This cider has a high, yet balanced acidity that showcases fruity notes of strawberry, watermelon and kiwi.  Not as tart as it's component, ANXO Rojo, Rosé is extremely drinkable while still displaying delicate complexities.