The first large fermentation at the Truxton Circle location is underway!
Six hundred and sixty gallons of juice from Poverty Lane Orchards (Lebanon, NH) and Brown’s Orchards (Loganville, PA) are slowly being converted into Sidra by the yeast that came in on the apple skins. Look for the first tapping in early Spring and think Txotx!


Foraged Ciders

Ornamental crabapples and forgotten culinary apples can make excellent cider, and DC is surprisingly flush with bothWorking with homeowners and/or local authorities, ANXO forages unused apple trees in and around the District. The varieties are sorted, pressed by hand, and then fermented by the wild yeast native to their skins.

At the end of the season the characterful outcomes of each of the fermentations are sampled and then expertly blended with one another to compose high-acid ciders with pleasant tannin that comes from the foraged apples. These are simple, dry, unfiltered, rustic ciders with no additives that focus on the apples they came from, which in turn reflects on where those apples came from.



The driving element behind this cider is two unidentified crabapple trees growing on the side of the road in DC. It is rustic, driven by woodsy red berry flavors that can be attributed to the crabapples. The base is a blend of Goldrush apples from Glaize Orchards (Winchester, VA) as well as wild apples from a 100-year-old tree in Southern New Jersey. (SOLD OUT!)


A smaller percentage of DC crabapples were blended with Arkansas Black and Black Twig, well-known Southern Apples, as well as apples foraged from abandoned trees in the Finger Lakes region of New York. This cider features good acidity and fruit with slightly less earthiness and tannin than the first. (SOLD OUT!)


2016 was a busy year for ANXO, but well over a dozen DC trees were foraged as well as a number of famed cider-making trees at the Accokeek Foundation in Accokeek, MD; over 50 gallons of locally foraged juice is fermenting away. These fermentations will be blended into a few foraged ciders, which will be released next year on draft at both ANXO locations.