ANXO recognizes diversity, equity and inclusion as an important and necessary part of present and future successes. These principles are essential to the healthy growth of the company as a producer, employer, and member of the community. We believe that existing structures of power, privilege and discrimination must be actively questioned and evaluated in order to create equitable opportunities in an environment that embraces and values our differences. We are committed to creating events, opportunities and organizational policies that embody these values, and to continue evaluating these practices for sustained growth and improvement. 


Diversity: Embracing the differences and similarities between individuals and recognizing the value that this collective mix brings to all aspects of ANXO. We seek to involve and reflect the communities we serve, and to create an environment where individual characteristics, values, beliefs and experiences are celebrated.

Equity: When the predictability of success or failure is independent of any aspect of one’s identity, and individuals from all backgrounds have the same genuine opportunities to thrive within ANXO.

Inclusion: Creating an environment in which all individuals feel valued and respected, and have a sense of belonging within the ANXO community. 


  • ANXO is committed to diversity in all staff, volunteers, and audiences, including full participation in policy formulation and decision-making.

  • ANXO is committed to individual and organizational efforts to build respect, dignity, fairness, equality, and self-esteem among staff and customers alike.

  • ANXO respects and values diverse life challenges, working to create an environment that is inclusive of all.

  • ANXO is committed to equitable treatment and elimination of discrimination in all its forms throughout all positions within the company and within all customer interactions.

  • ANXO acknowledges and honors the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals, and recognizes the rights of all individuals to mutual respect.

  • ANXO commits to closing the opportunity gap by explicitly utilizing a DEI lens in all organizational culture and practices for employees and customers alike.

  • ANXO commits to creating a space for ongoing and open discourse about DEI, and being genuinely willing to consider new perspectives, while appreciating individual similarities and differences.