13 fruited wild ales grace our taps on the third day of #CBC2017!

Jester King Brewery:
SPON - cherry & Raspberry - 5.2% spontaneously fermented ale,
refermented on cherries & raspberries
SING-ALONG DEATHMATCH - 5.6% wild ale brewed with smoked honey and Mexican plums. A collab w/ Freigeist.
BIERE DE BLANC DU BOIS - 6.7% wild ale refermented on Texas-grown Blanc du Bois grapes.
RARE CORALS - 5.3% wild ale fermentded on guava, banana,
toasted coconut, strawberry, cantaloupe & more
SUPER ULTRA-MEGA HYPERFORCE - 4.5% Intergalactic farmhouse ale, brewed w/ ginger, salt, terragon refermented on cantaloupe. Magnum bottles available.

Oxbow Blending & Bottling:
FIRST FRUITS - 7% barrel-aged farmhouse ale w/ estate
cherries, raspberries & strawberries
CAVERN - 6.5% barrel-aged farmhouse ale, aged on Cara Cara orange juice & zest
SUPA MOMO - 9.0% bourbon barrel-aged farmhouse ale w/ freshly pressed peaches
MILLHOUSE - 8.5% dark farmhouse ale, aged in Millstone Cider barrels w/ raspberries
LOW BUSH - 6.5% barrel-aged dark farmhouse ale w/ wild low bush Maine blueberries

Fonta Flora Brewery:
RHYTHM RUG - 5.9% Appalachian wild ale fermented atop fresh strawberries
NEED A HUG - 5.2% Appalachian wild ale fermented with North Carloina blueberries & elderberries
SCUPADINE -Appalachian wild ale fermented with North Carloina Scuppernong & Muscadine grape