The Accokeek Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to preserving the natural and cultural heritage of Piscataway Park in Accokeek, Maryland. Among their initiatives is the National Colonial Farm, a historical living heritage farm established in 1958, as well as the creation of a National Food Forest: the most ambitious permaculture project ever undertaken in a national park in the United States. By integrating indigenous agricultural practices, heritage breed animals, and the community into stewarding the land, the Foundation’s vision is to create a revitalized food forest abundant in native fruits, nuts, roots, and other plants that demonstrate sustainable options to feed the world.

Join Paul Lovelace, the Foundation’s Director of Agriculture, for a brief talk on food forests, their seven contributing layers, and an overview of the park’s natural resources while sampling forest products including pawpaw, a delicious native forest fruit that tastes akin to a mango. ANXO Cider Maker Greg Johnson will join the talk with a sampling of a few ANXO ciders, including one with a small percentage of Hewe's Crab Apples harvested from the National Colonial Farm orchard last year. Hewe's are amazing cider apples with a mid-Atlantic history dating back to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. This year the ANXO team picked over 200 pounds of these apples, which will go into a cider that will help fund expanding Hewe's plantings at National Colonial Farm. Stay tuned for that release!