In honor of the birthday of Bob Ross, we are throwing a neighborhood festival at the Kennedy St. Tasting Room!  There will be costume contests for both kids and dogs, live apple pressing, live landscape painting, pumkin painting, Chef Alex Vallcorbas famous seafood paella, and the release of two exciting new ANXO ciders.

Event Schedule:

9:00AM - Live Bob Ross-Inspired Landscape Painting Begins

10:00AM - Apple Pressing & Seafood Paella

11:00AM - Infant Costume Contest

11:30AM - Kids Costume Contest

12:00PM - Dog Costume Contest

Kids Pumpkin Painting ALL DAY LONG!

The first new cider we are releasing is National Colonial Farm Heritage Cider.  This is the first cider released in partnership with the National Colonial Farm in Ackookeek Maryland.  This farm, dedicated to preserving the agricultural aspects of the region's heritage has a small orchard of 5 old Hewe's Crab apple trees.  This year the apples from this small orchard made their way into this cider, comprising a small portion of the final blend(which also includes a large amount of Rhode Island Greening apples).  With each bottle sold we will donate $1 to the NCF in order to plant more trees in hopes that one day this cider will be made entirely of fruit from the NCF.

The second cider released will be batch #2 of our Sidra Natural.  This wild-fermented cider is a blend of both Basque and Pennsylvania apples.  Expect a dry, balanaced, and earthy rustic cider with copious amounts of tannin and acidity.