Special New Release:

ANXO's Cidre Blanc and five ANXO blends


The Ciders (served in 6oz pours for $7 - $9):

  • Cidre Blanc: Made from 100% Goldrush apples from Winchester, VA and fermented with Sauvignon Blanc yeast in stainless steel. Cidre Blanc is 6.9% abv with bright acidity that fades into juicy peach and apricot notes with hints of lemon that are balanced by subtle tannins.
  • Foraged #4 "The Coop": Utilizing a blend of DC foraged apples and Michigan apples from the Cider Maker's personal stash, this wild-fermented cider was pressed and blended by ANXO staff and has a great balance of tannin and acidity with prominent ripe, juicy apple characteristics (Kennedy only)
  • Foraged #6 "Another Number": This refreshing blend of DC foraged and Michigan wild-fermented apples was also pressed and blended by ANXO staff and results in an extremely refreshing cider loaded with grapefruit and citrus, which is complemented by a hint of smoky tannin and fresh summer apple (Kennedy only)
  • Foraged #7 "The Professional": Pressed by ANXO staff but to-be-blended by ANXO Cider Maker Gregory Johnson just days before the release (Kennedy only)
  • Flight of the Day: 3oz of each of these ciders for $12 (Cidre Blanc and three ANXO collaborations at Florida Ave and Porrón)

The Sidras (served in traditional 12oz green bottles for $9 - $11):

  • Foraged #3 "The Rando": Predominantly DC-foraged apples from 2016 that were pressed by ANXO staff and forgotten about until re-discovery. We couldn't believe how sidra-like this turned out!

  • Foraged #5 "D.Sidra": Comprised completely of DC foraged apples and crabapples fermented with the yeast that naturally occur on their skins. This sidra has strong tannin, strong fresh and cooked apple notes, and pleasantly biting acidity that is best enjoyed when expressed through a traditional Basque or Asturian long-pour.

  • Escanciar Flight: 1.5 oz of these sidras and ANXO Sidra Natural poured traditionally one culín at a time for $5 (Kennedy St and Florida Ave only)

Fermented from apples, cider is technically classified as wine and ANXO is DC’s first licensed winery since prohibition. Production at the Truxton Circle location is limited to an annual filling of the 660-gallon wooden cask that graces the entrance to the pintxo bar. ANXO’s focus is on curating the largest selection of ciders and perry (cider from pears) from around the world.

We divides 22 drafts, two hand-pulls, and a handful of bottle pours into four helpful cider categories: Bright, Structured, Fruit Forward and Rustic. These ciders and perries are made only from apples and pears and exhibit interesting and unique character that they derive from the fruit they came from and the yeast that fermented them. The cider menu changes daily but the descriptive categories help patrons find what they like.

Producers in the UK, France, Basque Country, Spain, and both coasts of the United States are eager to have their ciders showcased beside one another in a way that has never before been possible. The District’s unique self-importation law allows these small producers to take a chance on sending product directly to ANXO and the result is a cider program unlike any in the countries from which it draws.

ANXO's Brightwood Park location is geared more heavily toward production. Simultaneously, collaborations with some of the most renowned producers from historic cider regions allow ANXO to release limited traditional products of quality and distinction prior to opening the new facility. These products are usually available at the Truxton Circle location as well as a few retailers in the District.

As a wine-pub, ANXO can sell wine and cider on and off premise. A bottle list of more than 50 ciders, from ANXO and from other producers, is available in the restaurant and to-go at competitive prices. Simply walk-up to the bar during operating hours or ask your server after your meal for to-go cider!

The beverage list also features 12 draft beers, white and red vermouth on draft, Basque wines by the glass and a handful of cocktails. An extensive Calvados list is also available for interested guests.